The Hierophant represents forgiveness, mercy, kindness and compassion. The Hierophant is also known as the High Priest and can represent a spiritual or religious leader, or the power of the conscious mind. He suggests a tendency to cling to ideas and principles even though they could be out-dated. This card tells you the following cards offer advice to be taken. If however you are having problems with your relationship you should keep trying to make it work.

Reverse meaning. Vulnerability, impotence, foolish generosity. The Hierophant also represents confusion, crisis of faith and disorderly conduct when reversed in a reading. This card reversed also suggests bad advice, or acting without to past reference. You may be involved with an annoying person, be tolerant. Taurus rules the Hierophant.


Upright: Advice, learning, teaching.

Reversed: Misinformation, bad advice.



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