The way to work out the timing of your reading can be confusing. Count backwards from the last card placed, ignoring court cards, until you come to the first pip card. Cups can only be counted if they are next to a pentacle card. This is the card that determines the timing of your reading.

Cups: Days.

Wands: Weeks.

Swords: Months.

Pentacles: Years.


So for example if the card in question was the seven of swords, the events told in your reading would take place within seven months. To make matters worse you may have come across one of the exceptions to the rule. Sometimes there are no numbered pip cards in a reading, and sometimes there are other cards in your reading that represent a certain time of year. these are listed below.

Cups/The Sun: Summer time.

Wands/The Empress: Springtime.

Swords: Winter.

Pentacles: Autunm.

The Star: Christmas time.

The Moon: 1 lunar cycle of 28 days.


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