This is something I have read in a book, no more, no less. I haven't tried this myself but I do suspect I have seen one too many episodes of Buffy. This is love charms, so if you like this sort of thing then I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try. Assuming you are not comtemplating bumping anyone off to get your man that is.

You need the Tarot deck and a candle for this. Select a card, or cards that refect your wishes. For instance you want to have the strength to leave, or you hope to meet someone new. Think positive thoughts, and I don't mean "I'm positive I want his trousers to fall down in public and humiliate him." Lean the card against the candle, if you have more than one card lean them against each other, and light the candle. Leave the candle lit for half an hour, and stay in the room with it, play some music and have happy (positive) daydreams about how you would like things to be. If you use different coloured candles you are encouraging different desires, for instance...


Red: For the new, and extra willpower

Blue: For emotional encounters

Green: For physical encounters

Purple: For wisdom and sensuality

White: For intellectual encounters or if you want to a change stressful or unpleasant situation

Black: For strength and protection


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