THE ACES: The aces signify singularity or the unity of several components. In a reading...

Two: Partnership, a new home or love affair.

Three: Good news is on its way.

Four: A time of beginnings. Lots of energy and potential.


THE TWOS: The twos represent the relationship between two entities, people, emotions or impulses. In a reading...

Three: Many changes

Four: Gatherings of people.


THE THREES: The threes represent a product of a union, for instance a child. Also the link between two opposing forces, or fate. In a reading...

Three: Deceit, changeable circumstances.

Four: Creativity, determination.


THE FOURS: The fours represent Nature and indicate order and stability. In a reading...

Three: Hard work ahead.

Four: Contentment, security.


THE FIVES: The fives represent disorder, confusion and the arrival of difficult times. In a reading...

Three: Routine activities.

Four: Competition, discord.


THE SIXES: The sixes represent completion and fulfillment. It also represents rewards for effort and justice. In a reading...

Three: Achievements.

Four: Good fellowship and harmony.


THE SEVENS: The sevens represent virtue and wisdom; this is also considered a lucky number. In a reading...

Two: True love.

Three: Good fortune.

Four: Intrigue, lies and theft.


THE EIGHTS: The eights represent Success, progress and personal development. In a reading...

Two: Surprises.

Three: Good news about relationships

Four: Journeys and news.


THE NINES: The nines represent the final stage of creation and reaping of rewards. In a reading...

Two: Legal documents and contracts.

Three: Good health and prosperity.

Four: High achievements and rewards.


THE TENS: The tens represent completion, as well as a new stage in developments. In a reading...

Two: New employment and good luck.

Three: Legal problems.

Four: Remarkable triumph. (If any of these are reversed then obstacles to overcome.)


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