The page of swords represents a bearer of news contacts and gossip. All proposals should be considered carefully before a decision is made, so clear thinking and caution is called for.

The page of swords also represents a young man or woman who is discreet and able to uncover the unknown or less than obvious. This person is also intelligent and good at turning things to his or her advantage. He or she may be cautious and mistrustful at times. The page has dark hair and deep penetrating eyes.

Reverse meaning. Stronger forces leaving you powerless may be due to a lack of preparation. Problems need to be tackled head on and suspicions cannot be allowed to continue, possibly an imposter revealed. An illness is also possible.

The page of swords can also represent a manipulative and spiteful person who uses people to his or her own advantage. This person could also be a liar and a slanderer.


Upright: Caution, wariness, tact.

Reversed: Mistrust, suspicion.


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