The page of pentacles represents a bearer of good news. There is a desire for new ideas. A working environment with a fixed, boring routine is also indicated, this may be temporary. There is also good news about money.

The page also represents a do-gooder, patient with a sense of duty; this is a person that can be relied upon. He or she has little money but great prospects, and could be a student or apprentice.

Reverse meaning. Frustration caused by a dull and boring job or lifestyle, failure to recognize obvious facts and unfavorable news are indicated here. The page has black hair and eyes with a tanned complexion.

The page of pentacles also represents an impatient person who has a constant need for money. This is a dull and unhelpful person who is often unrealistic.


Upright: Dependability, security.

Reversed: Frustration, unhappiness


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