Shuffle the cards, remembering to turn some of them if you want to include reverse meanings in your reading. Lay all the cards on the table and pick out ten, make sure you keep the cards in the order you picked them up. Now set the cards out as shown in the diagram. Cards 7 to 10 should remain face down untill you get to them, the other are placed on the table face up.



Card 1: Your Present position.

Card 2: Immediate influences.

Card 3: Your goal or destiny.

Card 4: Distant past events.

Card 5: Recent past events.

Card 6: Future events.


The next four cards are turned over after the other cards have been read.


Card 7: Your present position and attitude.

Card 8: The influence of close friends.

Card 9: Inner and future emotions.

Card 10: Final results.


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