Meet my family and visit other family members homepages.


This is my husband Ivor, he's 37 and he's going grey around the ears. Thats because I nag him so much.

Ivor is working on his own homepage when its up and running I will put a link here for you.


our home page

This is Warren, Shannon and Sabien.

Warren is 10, and graded for his green belt in Tea Kwon Do recently, which he passed.

Shannon is 5, and she will be grading for her green belt in November.

my sister in2networking

She comes complete with carrying handles

my sister Pagan Dawn

Hates having her photo taken

Sabien is my son he is 5 weeks old in this photo, hes now 7 weeks old.



My Mum and Shannon with baby Sabien.

This is Pete, with Sabien . He's not sure about being left holding the baby!

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